Daniel’s 70 Week Revelation, completion Time Prophet, and also October 13, 2017

This is an upgrade for the video clip”70-Weeks of Daniel and the Coming of Elijah.”
There are 3 individuals forecasted of in Daniel’s 70 week prediction.
1) Mashiyach Nagiyd – a greasy royal prince, this is completion time prophet.
2) Mashiyach – a greasy one, this is Jesus Christ.
3) Nagiyd – a royal prince or leader, this is the antichrist.

The prophet Daniel forecasted the resulting a greasy royal prince 7 weeks (49 years) after the command to recover and also construct Jerusalem. The greasy royal prince is completion time prophet. He is the 7th carrier to the church. He is additionally referred to as the leader of Christ and also the guaranteed end time Elijah. Israeli authorities chose to restore the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem on October 13,1968 Forty-nine years from this day is October 13,2017

There are 3 significant banquets that the Lord stresses:.
1) Passover and also Banquet of Unleavened Bread – Symbolized Christ fatality and also His service the cross.
2) Banquet of Weeks (Pentecost) – Signified the birth of the church.
3) Banquet of Ingathering (Banquet of Tabernacles) – Represents the 2nd resulting Christ (waiting to be satisfied).

Banquet of Tabernacles for 2017 ranges from October 5-12(consisting of 8th day off).
October 13, 2017 is the very first day then event and also specifically 49 years from the mandate to restore Jerusalem (the Jewish quarter).
Allow us wait and also see if this suggests anything.


By George Chuang.


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  1. There was also a decree January 31, 1969. Just by "chance" there happens to be a Blood Moon coming 49 years later to the day 1-31-2018. Here is some help for you George: Isaiah 46:11, 41:25, 30:17-19, 59:21. Jeremiah 23:7-8. John 11:51-52. Matthew 15:24. Isaiah 10:6. Isaiah 13:5. Zephiniah 3:8. Genesis 35:11 God only numbers His people for War. "Desolations are determined until the end of the War ". A little leaven ruins the whole lump. Safety will Only be found in the wilderness. Be ready. Isaiah 35:4. "Those who have the Testimony of Jesus". "The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy ". Ask and you shall receive. The fig tree has budded and He is at the door. Day 1335 quickly approaches. Azariah Five One.

  2. 13 october 2017 is time of another prophecy – 3-rd secret of Fatima. And it's about Russia… The Mother of God will come to Russia with Her Baby – russian Tzar – see Revelation 12. SHE told that it will happen 100 years after 13 october 1917.

  3. OT……One time I was thinking about the word YHWH and wondering why it was spelled that way for. While thinking I thought about the other two names God and Allah something popped into my mind. Because YHWH is in caps I also began thinking about GOD and ALLAH in caps and within seconds and it is the truth I came out with a sentence using YHWH, GOD, and ALLAH. Using the capped words as acronyms the words that popped into my mind were "You Human Worship Him, God Our Deliverer, A Living Lasting Always Here". Soon after I thought about the spelling YHVH and immediately came up with "You Human Vindicate Him".


  4. Dude. I prophesy to all now. Jesus will nit return this year nor next year. Sorry. You're missing what is plainly written in the word. John chapter 6 clearly states the rapture occurs at the last day.

  5. . Ok I'll say it now…I know the actual date.

    I didn't want to say it but at Oct Thirty-Firstq 2017 If you die instantly by a missle it means you're going to hell LOL If you don't get hit and survive to see the end of the world well damn Good job

  6. So the Mashiyach Nagiyd did appeared and we didn't recognize him…. like the Jews didn't recognize Jesus. It seems to me that Trump is the only candidate for the anointed leader during this time. And who is at war against Trump? Every leader in America and Europe. Every attempt to stop him before election day and after has been failed. No way this could have happened unless Yahweh was behind it. There is so much confusion in the "church" and religious circles that it is very difficult to recognize what is foretold until long after it has been fulfilled.

  7. Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, but many will be surprised to see that the son of man coming in the clouds will be a Buddha form of Christ. Jesus is the avatar of this age (Pisces) and will be with us even til the end of the age as he said. The next avatar after Sixth Seal is Elijah/Kalki/Maitreya (Aquarius age). Much Love!

  8. Much respect George, you are a great teacher, one who sees where others cant. Oct. 13th seems to be when 6th seal opens, just my guess. Thank you for your time and faith!
    Rev. 12 explains the birth of the man child who is Elijah the Prophet/Kalki Avatar/Matireya/Metteya who is the rider on the white horse. White always represents good in the bible, and the reason death follows the pale horse is because Elijah/Kalki/Maitreya will be given an iron rod to rule all nations and will conquer for Christ before Christ's 1000 millennial year reign on New Earth. The red dragon above = Nibiru/Planet X, red dragon below = satan just as Christ above is the Sun in the sky, below Christ embodied Jesus on Earth and Christ will embody Elijah/Kalki/Maitreya. The debris field of Nibiru/Planet X contains the asteroid "Wormwood" from the bible that destroys 1/3 of the Earth comes first, then Nibiru will eclipse the Earth and blacken the sun and the red iron oxide in the meteor debris field will turn the moon to blood. Everyone will see this huge red comet/planet Nibiru and the magnetic pull is what will cause Rev 6-12 to happen down below which equates to a pole shift which brings in the new era/dimension and lifts the spiritual plane veil.

    Revelations is not always in chronological order.

    Rev. 6-12 When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold, there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth, the full moon became like blood, 13 and the stars of the sky fell to the earth mas the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a gale. 14 The sky vanished like a scroll that is being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

    I had a vision a few months ago of this EXACT scenario, it was very freaky but after the earthquake and pole shift was a new realm that felt super duper awesome (DNA activated, merkaba light body)! All you have to do to be saved is light a candle and bow down to the ground on all 5 points and say with an open heart "I repent for all my sins, please forgive me great Lord, I accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, in Jesus Christ name Amen" and from that moment stay away from sin and do good deeds and you will be saved. God bless! Namaste! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo! Om Mani Padme Hum! All being Shankar!

  9. The Time is 3:54 AM the Start of the End of it all. I have been told by the Lord to be on watch at that time. Also at 718. Not sure what this means but I think it might be a US Sub as they are all 700s. Enough said.

  10. God bless Brother George, and a very good sermon indeed 🙂
    You hit on some very interesting points but if i may i'd like to expand on your Daniel chapter 9 conclusion just a bit, or at least give you something to chew on. Just consider this as Iron sharpening other Iron and nothing more ok?
    Many a prophet has concluded Daniel 9:26-27 to be referring to an end times scenario but is it really? The Consummation mentioned in the very last verse certainly is but here's the problem with that entire scenario. See, it's been discovered here lately that the last 4 chapters in Daniel was originally just two longer ones instead. But someone Divided them in two so what we know as 9,10,11,12 should have actually read 9/11,10/12 just two longer chapters. Its been proven Brother George in 8 different ways in so much that he cannot get a single argument anywhere. (i can go fetch them if need be)
    That part is a Proven fact now, so tell me Brother when you realize this to be true, then you go back to the beginning of the conversation where Gabriel said that he had come to give Daniel a better understanding of the Matter and the Vision in 9:23. When one realizes that 11 is actually connected to the tail end of Daniel chapter 9 then chapter 11 must be included as well. Amen?
    Now you can see it just as it was supposed to be where the Matter is all about Jesus Christ and His first and second coming mentioned in those last two verses, but the Vision part is referring to the entirety of Daniel chapter 11. Now things actually make logic because at the end of Daniel chapter 8 Daniel still didn't quite understand it. Even though Gabriel was under obligation to do so. (read 8:16) So when the Angel/Saint returned over a decade later in chapter 9 what else could that vision in verse 23 be referring to? God bless you George and feel free to contact me if your interested in hearing more about it and the 8 different ways it can be proven.

  11. I don't know, but I have strong feel that Daniel 9: 24-27 had already been fulfilled.
    And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: Yeshua took the sins of the world upon Himself and died for us all, for you and me.

    and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof [shall be] with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.
    And he shall confirm the covenant: (The gospel believer) with many for ONE WEEK: and in the MIDST of the WEEK :[Yeshua started his ministry 'The Gospel' when he was 30yrs of age, died on the cross at 33] he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease.(No more OT Law for believers in Him)


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