Environment Chaos And More (September – Buzz, Hope, Truth Or Fiction?) – Other World Media
Sign up with Other World Media Host/ Manufacturer Brian Hanslip as he examines the misconceptions, hype, scam and hope of the occasions to occur in the month of September, 20015.

This 3rd segment of this interesting series looks at the so-called Apocalyptic Declaration made by French Minister Laurent Fabius: “We have 500 days to avoid Environment Turmoil” which, as you will see, was taken totally out of context by ‘Doomsday’ Worry Mongers and incorrect prophets. The video likewise exposes the false claims that ‘Nibiru’ (World X) is real! Excerpts form the 3 part video series ‘Prophecy’ are used to highlight this nonsense. And finally, the ‘Four Blood Moons’ fiasco is exposed for what it all actually was, a FRAUD, and although it has actually now reoccured, still serves to reveal just how gullible the masses are and how quickly it is for con artists to select their pockets.
Please see my Vidoeo Series on Prediction to discover the best ways to discriminate in between a genuine Prophet and an incorrect Prophet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wb14oRH9Is

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