Christians are NOT READY For Jesus’ Return
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Jesus Christ wants us to concentrate on him all the time, since he is coming back soon, and he desires us to have our focus on him. The important things is most individuals do not have their focus on Jesus, and I’m talking also about numerous Christians. They just live their lives. They are focused on what they are going to do every morning, day, and evening. They zealously worked hard worldwide doing the important things that they must do, like everybody should do such as the obligations of life, yet they do not make whenever for Jesus whatsoever. They strive and they make every effort, however they get nowhere in the kingdom of God. They do not witness, they do not pray, they do not focus on Jesus, their heart and mind is not on the Lord, it is on exactly what they are doing. My pals, Jesus is coming back when he returns, it is like the days of Noah: people will be consuming and consuming, and marrying, and working, and having fun right up until the day the Lord returns, as it was in the days of Noah. And they got swept away to destruction, since they were not prepared and they did not heed the midnight call. Focus on Jesus, that’s exactly what he wants. He desires you to focus on him. Do not let the cares of life choke out your faith, because the things that we have to do every day, choke out the faith of lots of. That’s what the unbelievers do, since it gets them nowhere, only the eternal fire of hell. So my friends, concentrate on Jesus and you will never ever regret it. Get your cross and follow him like a disciple. End up being a disciple. Jesus is waiting to help everyone who turns to him and lives for him. However he can not help those who simply lived on their own. Jesus bless you. E-MAIL at

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