The Book of Habakkuk Introduction

This is an introduction to the book of Habakkuk, and what you can expect from the mini-series. source

Prophet Melvin Zephaniah Tsosie

Seven Mile Miracle Church Presents: Annual Diamond Creek Campmeeting Whiteriver, AZ Live June 19, 2017 source

July 2 – July 19 – Bible Prophecy Coming To Pass Before Our Very Eyes

It is clear to see we are living in the last days as described in the bible. If you have decided to give your life to Christ here are a few simple steps to start you on your walk with the Lord: 1. Understand that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour. Romans […]

Jordan Prophesied to be Desolate

The country of Jordan as well as Syria are both prophesied to be desolate. Lets look at Zephaniah’s prophecy to see just how this may be soon to fulfill. source

Habakkuk: The Just Shall Live By Faith

Description: God responds to Habakkuk’s questions by emphasising the certainty of His judgements to come upon the wicked but also the comforting reminder that the just shall live by faith – a lesson applicable to every age. For up to date information and unreleased videos Follow our Blog via email here…. www.bibletruthandprophecy.com Follow us on […]

Ken Johnson: Ancient Prophetic Manuscripts

Hidden throughout the extensive writings of the early Church Fathers are some fabulous confirmations of some well-known Bible prophecies. These historical gems shed additional light on the beliefs of the early Church, critical beliefs that include the rapture of the church, the 6-day, 6,000 year plan for man, last days prophecies concerning the enemies of […]

Adult Forum – The Prophets

Join us every Sunday at 9:45 a.m. at Christ Church on the 4th Floor Woolverton Room for our Adult Forum on the Prophets. The prophets embody a period of “growing up” for ancient Israel, for through the prophetic voice we hear self-critique and self-reflection – sure signs of maturing theology and spirituality. The prophets offer […]

One Hour. One Book: Zechariah

GCBI is a one year Bible program designed to give students the tools and knowledge required to understand the Bible and form a Biblical worldview, with the goal of following Jesus’ last command to make disciples of all nations. For more information on how to get involved with the ministry, or to submit an application […]

Book of Zephaniah

What does the book of Zephaniah say ? Does it have any value for our time? Is it a prophecy for our time ? source

Habakkuk Talks to God TruStory 2 12

Habakkuk was a minor prophet of the Old Testament. source