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Israeli Jews in Jerusalem say Temple will be Rebuilt

Israel Today’s Jonathan David spoke with Jews on the streets of Jerusalem, who give details of the rebuilding of the Temple and by whom. Israel Today’s mission is to be the definitive source for a truthful and balanced perspective on Israel and to provide timely news directly from Jerusalem — the focus of world […]

#43 PROPHETIC ALERT! Muslims want Jews to Build their 3rd Temple in Jerusalem!

Two Turkish Muslim scholars are visiting Israel saying that it’ s time for the Jews to build their Temple next to the Muslim Dome of the Rock and have the Vatican administrate the site for the three religions. This is major prophetic alert! We are on the cusp of major prophetic events coming together in […]

Jesus Prophecy of the Destruction of the Jewish Temple (Matthew 24)

See how biblical prophecy fulfilled can still be seen to this day in the land of Israel! source

A Jewish Perspective on Third Temple, Bible Prophecy, Jews’ Redemption, Yeshua & Anti-Christ

Howard Bass shares why he moved to Israel 30 years ago and his thoughts on Israel and Bible Prophecy. DVDs about Israel: Support our outreach: Every quality product you purchase supports our operations: Our redemptions draws nigh! source

The Location of the Next Jewish Temple – Prophecy Today by Jimmy DeYoung

Prophecy Today Facebook Facts about Muhammad, Islam and Muslims by Jimmy DeYoung REBUILDING THE TEMPLE REVISITED Guest: Jimmy DeYoung Dr. Jimmy DeYoung discusses the exact location of the next Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel with Rabbi Yoel Keren of LaMisdash. The discussion centers around the disputed location of […]

The Jewish Holy Place Is Being Rebuilt

This brief Russian information video clip states that in 2009 the Jews started reconstructing parts of the Holy place in the Jerusalem residential areas. A church was made to melt the sacrifice of turtledoves (pigeons, seen right here in their cages). The Jews intend to move component of this, which has to do with a […]

Marching to reconstruct Jewish 3rd Holy place

This is bad brand-new discover why? source


Arabic/Eng A hardline Jewish activity is requiring the structure of a brand-new Jewish holy place on a contested divine website. The divine Temple Mount in Jerusalem is admired by both Muslims and also Jews – it was the website of the very first and also 2nd Jewish holy places, and also is currently the home […]