False Teaching

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HIPSTER CHURCH Paul alerted Timothy that the “time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths” (2 Timothy 4:3 -4). That caution showed real in […]

Incorrect Prophets: The Scriptures Instructs Independent Examination – Linking Ideas

A short initial research of Scriptural strategy to Pythonic insurance claims. We take a look at the cautions for incorrect prophets in the Scriptures, after that see exactly what Jesus as well as the Scriptures shows concerning Prophets, as well as our obligation to genuinely individually explore, whether the Bahá’ í Confidence holds true. Areas: […]


In this video clip, John Piper reviews why incorrect teaching could make you pleased. Facebook This is a check out John Piper training on sharing the scripture. He claims in. PLEASE READ PRIOR TO COMMENTING:. John Piper discusses incorrect prophets. There are numerous churchleaders that please individuals’s ears as well as allow them hear just […]

Getting Over Demonic Spirits

the amount of are experiencing spiritual strikes often dailies and also fill up helpless. There is a factor and also a means to get rid of these demonic spirits. This message might assist you to beat the adversary I hope that it does. source

The 144 K, Both Witnesses, & The Residue!!

Web link get in jasonpaulstevens@hotmail.com https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/grab OR https://www.paypal.me/jps0024 I am impaired and also not able to function. If you have the ability to aid with requirements thanks quite it is so significantly valued and also required. Matthew 11: 12-14( KJV) 12 And also from the days of John the Baptist previously the kingdom of paradise […]

Incorrect Educators & Spiritual Deceptiveness – Component 1

New Age, ear-tickling churches never ever discuss Attrition. Typical Holy places rarely preacher concerning Attrition. “Why is that?” you ask. The solution is basic, “Repentance requires heartfelt, pride sacrificing acknowledgement before the Lord that you are a hot mess and, only, He can help you.” Simply stating. Priest Mona takes us to bible where Jesus […]

The Period Of Teshuvah: Reversing To The Papa In Obedience

In this video clip we will certainly unload just what the Scriptures actually states regarding attrition (Teshuvah) and also exactly how attrition and also OBEDIENCE work together. The Torah clearly instructs that to repent is to completely count on YAH in obedience to His Word. It is NOT simply claiming I’m sorry as several churches […]

Are You a Christian Lady Tempted to be With One More Lady (Sexually) “Just one Time”?

Throughout the years I have actually observed numerous lies that the opponent jointly tosses at various other females – myself consisted of. I have actually been listening to among them from various other females regularly recently, and also I’m fed up with the opponent pleasing our ears with it. It could appear safe at first, […]

Affirmation collection: Love – a collection of Holy bible knowledgeables review in a murmur

Love is just one of one of the most effective feelings we could experience. People yearn for love from the minute of presence. And also the Holy bible informs us that God is love. For Christian followers, love is real examination of real confidence. This is a collection of murmured analyses of Holy bible knowledgeables […]


The Scriptures states in Jeremiah 23 that incorrect prophets that will not teach the reality and also please individuals’s ears would certainly be the factor for raised whirlwinds (storms and also twisters) in the last days prior to Jesus comes. It’s time to obtain actual with God! source