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Will Damascus Be Destroyed? | Prophecy in the News

All of the turmoil with Syria recently has people questioning a prophecy in the Bible. Isaiah 17 speaks of Damascus being completely destroyed from being a city and being nothing more than a ruinous heap. Is now time for Isaiah 17 and the destruction of Damascus? source

Damascus Syria Destruction 1,900 More Dead

Isaiah 17:1 explains the biblical sign of the destruction of Damascus also source

USA Today Quotes Bible: Damascus in Ruins

USA Today is getting into prophecy with their feature story saying the bible predicts the destruction of Damascus, Syria. In addition to the Isaiah 17:1 prophecy of Damascus becoming a “fallen ruin,” they point to popular writings of Joel Rosenberg, Perry Stone and John Hagee. …and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV source

Isaiah 17:1 Destruction of Damascus( Syria). Bible Prophecy

we are living at the end times. are we ready for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ ?? its time to get back to the word, to prayer and to followship with Christ. source

DAMASCUS DESTROYED – PROPHECY ON TRUNEWS WITH ANALYST JIM HADDOCK Rick’s guest today is Bible prophecy teacher Jim Haddock. Rick & Jim discuss current events in the Middle East and the prophecy that Damascus, Syria shall be destroyed. TOP 5 HEADLINES Friday April 6, 2012 The Endtimes Newscast 1. The Russian Military Has an Action Plan Involving Georgia if Iran Is Attacked. 2. U.S. […]

Isaiah 17 – Jeremiah 49 – Damascus Syria in Scriptures Prediction

Isaiah 17 as well as Jeremiah 49 forecasts the city of Damascus to be damaged. The damage of Damascus might be an overture to the fight of Gog as well as Magog! source

The Concern Versus Damascus

Existing occasions never ever matched Holy bible revelation in a more clear method compared to today’s circumstance- incredible days with stress climbing as the Syrian civil battle is drinking the entire globe. Isaiah 17:1 plainly suggests the total devastation of Damascus, an occasion that has actually never ever taken place prior to. God assured that […]

PREDICTION ALERT: “Old City Damascus Attacked”/ Burning Begley’s Holy bible?

Isaiah 17:1 “Damascus is taken away from being a city” 4 dead as old likewise likewise Male states to shed Priest Begley’s scriptures source

Devastation of Damascus – Isaiah 17 Revelation

Damascus in Isaiah 17 is mosting likely to be ruined in 1 day. This will take place in our life time in simply an issue of months. It remains in the information as well as anywhere you look! This is mosting likely to satisfy among the largest scriptural predictions of perpetuity! Await Christ’s Return then […]

Syria Damascus Went To Devastation Scriptures Revelation!

Theologian Paul Begley clarifies Isaiah 8:4 and also 8:9 in addition to Isaiah 17:1 factors towards the complete damage of Damascus as the globe plans for the coming Anti-Christ!!! source


Damascus is coming to be a Load of Damages one Residential area at once! Absolutely nothing in bible discusses Damascus being struck by Nuclear strike, or being an unexpected damage! source