Rider On The White Horse

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Why is Donald Trump Riding The White Steed in Discovery 6:2?

Something to obtain delighted regarding my Bro as well as Sis, so go as well as obtain delighted as well as teach it from the roof covering tops !!! source

The Motorcyclist on the White Equine (Rev. 6:1 the First Seal) is NOT the Antichrist

Any person that educates that The Antichrist is the Motorcyclist on the White Equine from Discovery 6:1 the First Seal is a PHONY and also INCORRECT INSTRUCTOR source

Discovery 19: Jesus Rides the White Equine!

This video clip has to do with the timing of Jesus riding the white steed of Discovery19 This becomes part of a conversation with bingolly1 regarding guide of Discovery. May God honor you in the reality of His Word! source

the Cyclist on the white equine

The Discovery of Jesus Christ phase19 with verses. source

Discovery 19 (with message – continue even more information.)

Discovery 19 (New International Variation, ©2010). Discovery19 Threefold Hallelujah Over Babylon’s Autumn. 1 Then I heard exactly what seemed like the holler of a terrific wide variety in paradise shouting:. ” Hallelujah! Redemption and also splendor and also power come from our God,. 2 for real and also simply are his judgments. He has actually […]

2 White Equine Motorcyclists

There are 2 White Equine Motorcyclists in guide of Discovery. The First White Equine Motorcyclist is the Antichrist (Rev. 6:2) as well as the Secondly White Equine Motorcyclist is Jesus Christ (Rev. 19: 11-13). This alone in Discovery revealing us plainly the Antichrist comes! ARTICLE TRIB NETWORK Message Trib Event Live AV Conversation Every Evening […]

Discovery 19 “The Rider”

This riff is believed on Discovery 19: 11-16 where the cyclist name is recognized by the cyclist and also no one else and also he trips on a white equine. source

Raise your heads/ King of Splendor

Hey all =-RRB- Jesus, the Lion and also the Lamb, the King of Splendor, the God and also Lord of Lords is returning quickly!! Let’s prepare! Allow’s prepare our hearts and also prepare the method for His return =-RRB-. Spontaneous track I taped in the Loss. I mapped it to Psalm24 A lot more discovery […]

Jesus on White Horse

The Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels -Mat 16:27 Behold the Lord will come with fire and with His chariots like a whirl wind -Isa 66:15 Jesus is victorious source


Discovery 19: 11-21 After that I saw paradise opened up, and also behold, a white steed! The one resting on it is called Faithful and also Real, and also in sanctity he courts and also makes battle. His eyes resemble a fire of fire, and also on his head are several diadems, and also he […]

The Motorcyclist On The White Steed

c 2012 D Dicembre Manufacturing and also all tools Randall Waller Songs composed and also sung by Deborah Dicembre This is a tune based upon the message in Discovery, composed by St John concerning Jesus. (Discovery 19: 11-16). It is a flow that constantly apprehended me and also creating the songs for it was rather […]