Mid-Tribulation Rapture7 Videos

The Rapture/Harpazo – Dr. Chuck Missler

The Rapture. Harpazo. The Blessed Hope. The “taking out”. Who stays? Who goes? When will it happen? Pre-Tribulation? Mid- Tribulation? Post-Tribulation? Join Bible teacher and scholar Chuck Missler as he examines in detail the many beliefs about this pivotal event in prophecy. He will clear up some common misconceptions, as well as explore some provocative […]

Book Release Mid-Nov ’17: Escape the Coming Antichrist

NOW RELEASED Many are seeking to escape the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation with a pre-tribulation rapture, but unfortunately, this is not based on the scriptures. This new book, “Escape the Coming Antichrist — When the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fails (and it will!),” by Lou Comunale, offers real hope of escape for the days ahead. This […]

Eschatology 19: Mid-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath views

Salvador summarises the Mid-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath positions and main characteristics. source

Pre Trib, Mid Trib, Post Trib Thoughts – Are They All True?

Want To Know What We Believe? https://stayingfocusedforjesus.com/pages/about-us IS HELL ETERNAL PLAYLIST – https://youtu.be/8f4Tre4Qjo8?list=PLb-s9k60mrwUV4iHZNmz6el1ZKmNoB3gi CAN YOU LOSE YOUR SALVATION PLAYLIST – https://youtu.be/5ZedagWp3fU?list=PLb-s9k60mrwUNahptuVoRyPyhaAwdmhkn 1 BILLION PERCENT TRUTH THE RAPTURE IS REAL AND WHEN PLAYLIST – https://youtu.be/TSTqqDjnWSM?list=PLb-s9k60mrwVe5rSpFFDHlYggr5_6TfrL NESARA/GESARA LAW FOR NWO – https://youtu.be/CZrZ_ILTX2E?list=PLb-s9k60mrwX318wi6G9l_KDc95teBfdE WHO IS ISRAEL ACCORDING TO THE FLESH PLAYLIST – https://youtu.be/ebzEgU_i864?list=PLb-s9k60mrwXm-EBnxdojQU6X-IZq82sh THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN PLAYLIST […]

Pre Mid Post Rapture Views Explained

My opinion on why we Believers have 3 views of the 1 event. === Pre-trib’ Rapture Verses: Titus 2:3, 1 Thes. 2:19, Rev. 14:14-16, Col. 3:4, 1 Thes. 5:9, Rev. 3:10, I Thes. 1:10, John 14:1-3, Rom. 5:9, Mark 13:24-37, Matt. 24:27-30, Dan. 12:1-2, 2 Thes. 2:3-7, 1 Thes. 5:1-3, 1 Thes. 4:16-17, Philip. 3:20-21, […]