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The New Jerusalem (Greg Boyd)

March 30, 2014 Speaker — Greg Boyd Topics — Community, End Times, Heaven Revelation provides us with a beautiful vision of the future as well as a way to live in the here and now. In this sermon, Greg shows us how the symbolism of Jerusalem and the Bride shows God’s heart for creation and […]

The 4-Square City – New Jerusalem

This video unveils some absolutely awesome facts about the design of the New Jerusalem! source


I do hope this introduction will be useful to you if you are following the New Jerusalem Bible and would like to understand more of what it actually means. GOD BLESS and PEACE to YOU source

Kingdom’s Rapture : New Jerusalem Bible Rapture

Part two of Kingdom’s Rapture reloaded extra episodes Revelation chapter 13 verse 6 from the Catholic New Jerusalem Bible reveals the rapture hidden behind four words of the final ten words of this verse. Revelation chapter 13 verse 6 in both the New Jerusalem and King James Bible. source

The New Jerusalem

Visit the website – The Tabernacle of God is with men. Glorify God only. source

The New Jerusalem

Presenter: Richard F. Ames Teaser: Jerusalem has long been a focal point of conflict in the war-torn Middle East. Yet this troubled city will one day become the capital of planet Earth! Order your free copy of “The Middle East in Prophecy” and more here: And subscribe to our weekly webcast: source

Triple Feature:The Throne of God,Ezekiel’s Vision,New Jerusalem – Visions of Heaven & God (pictures)

*Watch in HD – 720p* Triple feature: The Throne of God, Ezekiel’s Vision, New Jerusalem – Visions of Heaven & God – 3 animated short films from John8thirtytwo Publishing. ★ Follow me on Facebook – ★ Follow me on Twitter – ★ Visit my Website – ★ BUY NOW – Copyright […]

New Jerusalem Bible Church Presents “Everything” Skit

Members Of New Jerusalem Bible Church Perform a Drama Skit To the Song “Everything By LifeHouse” __________________________________________________ New Jerusalem Bible Church Apostle James L. Smith Sr. “We Are A Church On The Move, And The Direction We’re Going is UP” Come Join Us On Sunday For Worship @11AM Or On Wednesdays For Bible Study @7PM […]

The New Israel and The New Jerusalem are on the Earth Right Now

New jerusalem bible Jesus Jehovah God Christin source

Kingdom’s Rapture : New Jerusalem Bible Rapture part three

Part three of Kingdom’s Rapture Reloaded Extra Episodes. Revelation chapter 13 verse 6 Rapture revealed through the Catholic New Jerusalem Bible in one single episode with evidence source

REVELATION – Verse by Verse – Chapter 21:1-27 – New Jerusalem

Have you ever tried to read the book of Revelation? A lot of people start reading the bible and skip to the end to find out what happens. If you don’t know what you are reading, this can be really scary. There are a lot of books and commentaries written about the book of Revelation, […]