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Pt 1- Preparing for Financial Armageddon 4-17-17

Most people are not prepared for the coming financial collapse. Listen to my comments as I share an excellent article by a financial expert. What will you do to survive the coming storm? Don’t say God will take care of me without taking action to obey His every word. To think otherwise would be presumptuous. […]

The 1st Eschatological Divide

Now that we have spent six weeks defining our terms, developing a thoroughly Biblical perspective, and learning the various tools of interpretation – we are ready to dive into Bible prophecy and face the first great controversy Christians must overcome in regards to Eschatology, or the study of “the end of the age” and the […]

A Millennial’s View On Being In The Church

Millennials views on being in the church have swayed so differently than baby boomers. The question is, why has the institution of church made millennials shy away from religion, even though they are spiritual? Comment your feelings on spirituality and religion, we’d love to hear! Subscribe to Millennial Adulthood and look out for new videos […]

33: ‘The Seraphim’ pt2 A Shadow of the Glorified Christ Visions of the Kingdom Age

Why is this vision of Christ’s glory identified as seraphim, meaning poisonous serpents? Why do the seraphim have wings and particularly ‘6’ wings? What does this all have to do with the signature doctrine of the anti-chirst… the denial of the flesh of Christ? Watchthe whole series here.. For up to date information and […]