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#18) Daniel 2: Nebuchadnezzar saw Christ’s Kingdom…& Israel’s Last Days

Can you define the “Last Days”….that is, using the Bible as your only source? Sadly, confusion abounds in today’s Christian Church in regards to exactly WHAT and WHEN the “last days” are. Modern-day “end time” preachers neglect the clear teaching of Scripture, opting to trust in newspaper headlines to guide their teaching. As a result, […]

Why I Changed My Mind On Vaccinations | Danielle Stringer | TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity

“Vaccines are BAD! Wait! Vaccines are GOOD!” – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Danielle Stringer, shares her experience and ideas that caused her to leave her vaccine-hesitancy behind and advocate for immunizations. Danielle Stringer was born and raised in Arizona. Dani knew she wanted to be a nurse from the age of 10 and went on to […]

A Millennial’s View On Being In The Church

Millennials views on being in the church have swayed so differently than baby boomers. The question is, why has the institution of church made millennials shy away from religion, even though they are spiritual? Comment your feelings on spirituality and religion, we’d love to hear! Subscribe to Millennial Adulthood and look out for new videos […]

Tommy Ice & Don Perkins on the Rapture and Millennium

Can the Rapture and Millennial Kingdom give us hope for the future? Find out with speakers Tommy Ice and Don Perkins on the show Christ in Prophecy. source


What is NOUTHETIC COUNSELING? What does NOUTHETIC COUNSELING mean? NOUTHETIC COUNSELING meaning – NOUTHETIC COUNSELING definition – NOUTHETIC COUNSELING explanation. Source: article, adapted under license. Nouthetic counseling (Greek: noutheteo, to admonish) is a form of Evangelical Protestant pastoral counseling based solely upon the Bible and focused on Christ. It repudiates mainstream psychology and […]


RUN from this CRAZY HERESY.!!….JESUS warns let NO MAN STEAL your CROWN…..A crown of Righteousness is laid up for those who LOVE HIS Appearing!!, These Heretics have listened to LAst Days Doctrines of Devils…Satan does NOT want anyone to LOOK for JESUS to come in the Rapture!!….Credit to Todd Stranberg at Rapture…! source

The 15 Wealthiest Pastors In The U.S.A. Preach a False Scripture

Every among these incorrect guards teach the incorrect scripture of “free will”, that is, Arminianism which originated from the apostate Roman Catholic church. These males do not recognize the complete wickedness of male and also God’s sovereignty in all points as a result they pervert the scripture. Redemption isn’t really based upon your choice or […]