70 Weeks

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#21) Daniel 9: 70 Weeks Introduction. (The Last Days … Biblically Defined Collection)

Can you specify the “Last Days” … that is, making use of the Holy bible as your only resource? Unfortunately, complication is plentiful in today’s Christian Church in relation to specifically WHAT when the “last days” are. Modern “end time” preachers disregard the clear mentor of Bible, deciding to count on paper headings to direct […]

The Seventieth Week Of Daniel (William Branham 61/08/06)

The Seventieth Week Of Daniel by William Branham taught in Jeffersonville IN 1961/08/06 Wish to listen to even more messages please go to. http://branham.org/MessageAudio Review the message in various languages at. http://www.messagehub.info/ source

Revelation of the 70 Weeks of Years – Daniel 9: 1-27

Due to the fact that the whole background of the Catholic Church is prefigured by the whole background of Israel in the Old Testimony, after that the 4 realms from guide of Daniel (Babylonian, Persian, Greek as well as Roman) have Brand-new Testimony parallels. These New Testimony Church background parallels of the 4 realms from […]

Amir Tsarfati “Daniel’s 70 Weeks” Males’s Seminar, Mexico 6/10/17

Amir Tsarfati message “Daniel’s 70 Weeks ” on the 70 weeks vision from Daniel 9: 20-27 throughout the Horizonte Querétaro Males’s Seminar. This mentor in Spanish as well as English. ( Daniel 9: 20-27). 20 As Well As whiles I was talking, as well as hoping, as well as admitting my transgression as well as […]

Daniel’s 70 Week Revelation, completion Time Prophet, and also October 13, 2017

This is an upgrade for the video clip”70-Weeks of Daniel and the Coming of Elijah.” There are 3 individuals forecasted of in Daniel’s 70 week prediction. 1) Mashiyach Nagiyd – a greasy royal prince, this is completion time prophet. 2) Mashiyach – a greasy one, this is Jesus Christ. 3) Nagiyd – a royal prince […]

“Daniel’s 70 Weeks explained” Chuck Missler

The “seventy weeks” prediction is just one of one of the most substantial as well as in-depth Messianic revelations of the Old Testimony. It is located in Daniel 9. The phase starts with Daniel wishing Israel, recognizing the country’s wrongs versus God as well as requesting for God’s grace. As Daniel hoped, the angel Gabriel […]