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Amir Tsarfati Update – Israel’s Cyber War With Russia and Far more! 11/15/16 #CyberWar
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PM Netanyahu: “This video shook me to the core of my being.”
I’ve just watched a video that shook me to the core of my being. In just a couple of seconds, it reveals why our dispute continues.

So here is a short snippet:

” Shoot him! Shoot him! Here he is. Go, go. Shoot him!”

A Palestinian daddy holds up his 4-year-old boy. He pleads with Israeli border police to eliminate his own child. He shouts, “Shoot this little boy!” His kid.

He presses his young boy forward towards the soldiers and screams, “Eliminate him! Shoot him!”

The young boy stops briefly. He is frightened. Any child would be.

He turns back, taking a look at his dad for assistance.

With his shirt securely tucked into his intense red shorts, the young boy ambles forward towards the soldiers. Among them extends his hand in relationship. The boy provides him a high-five.

It’s tough to make a four-year-old hate.

Picture your own child at that age. Consider his smile. Picture her laugh. Photo the unrestrained pleasure and innocence that only a kid has.

Motivating someone to murder a child– not to mention your very own kid– is probably the most inhumane thing a person can do.

What did this kid do to deserve this? The response is: absolutely nothing. He is innocent.

He must be in a play-ground. He needs to remain in the sun, chuckling with other kids.

Regretfully, this dad’s criminal offense is not an isolated example. In Gaza, Hamas runs summer season camps that teach kids to value death over life– suicide kindergarten camps.

The Palestinian Ministry of Education in Ramallah recently organized an event for trainees to honor terrorists who killed three civilians.

2 weeks ago, the Palestinian Authority’s official paper praised teenage terrorists and composed that “death as a martyr is the course to excellence and greatness.” That’s a direct quote.

Palestinian and Israeli kids deserve much better. They deserve to live. They are worthy of to reside in peace.

Kids are not cannon fodder. They are the most precious things worldwide. They’re the most valuable things we have.

I make certain Palestinian parents, much of them, are as outraged as I am at this video.

And today I appeal to every father and mom around the world. I ask you to join me in calling for an end to this abuse of children.

The Palestinian leadership needs to stop motivating kids to eliminate. They need to stop motivating Palestinian moms and dads to call for the death of their own kids.

It’s horrendous!

Peace begins with regard. If moms and dads don’t respect their own kids’s lives, how will they appreciate the lives of their neighbors?

We should like all children. They must never be pushed to violence or hate.

Join me in informing all kids for peace.

Video: Roee Avraham, GPO

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Fox 6 news protection of San Diego Israel Union Shofar for Israel occasion 9-7-10. mpg.
In light of the Israeli and Palestinian United States led peace talks that recently begun and in action to Hamas taking obligation recently for two attacks in the West Bank that consisted of the ruthless murder of four Israelis, the San Diego Israel Union gathered the day prior to the Jewish New Year, to call for a year of peace by peaceful supporters blowing shofars. The shofar is the most typical symbol of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish brand-new year and beginning of the High Holiday. Jews blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah as a spiritual and intellectual “wake up” contact us to analyze our actions, and dedicate to personal enhancement in the new year. The SDIC “Shofar for Israel” event is a symbolic call to all individuals of goodwill here, in the Middle East and all over the world to restore our dedication and efforts to pursue peace in the Middle East in the coming year.

This occasion successfully acheived our organization’s objective to educate and promote for Israel to the broad local community by having pro-active and reactive events that bring in the media.

To join the efforts of the San Diego Israel Coalition, email us at

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Israel, the land of Milk, Honey and Hummus

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United States President, Ricahrd Nixon, US Secretary of State, Dr Henry Kissinger, Secretary general of the United countries, Kurt Waldheim satisfy to talk about United Nations function in the Israel/ Syria ceasefire

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