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Pre-Trib Rapture – John MacArthur

Please click PROGRAM EVEN MORE for commenter policies of conduct. John MacArthur makes a solid instance for the Pre-Trib Rapture. This is the last 20 mins of “The Final Generation, Part 1” which is right here: TROLL-CONTROL:. There is a great factor that numerous prohibit talk about their networks. Considerate conversations rate, yet awful hate […]

Matthew 24 Explained Rightly Divided Confirmation Pretribulation Rapture

Promoter Evangelist Robert Breaker reveals from words of God that the only scriptural sight of bibles is the PRE-TRIBULATION Rapture of the Church, as he APPROPRIATELY SPLITS words of Reality, and afterwards reviews Matthew 24, bewaring to reveal it in it appertains context, confirming that it’s contacted JEWS and also NOT to the Church. This […]