Lee Strobel

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Instance for a Developer for Children (Instance for … Collection for Children)

Rate: ( since – Information) You fulfill doubters each day. They ask inquiries like: Are your scientific research instructors wrong?Did God develop the universe?Is the Big Bang concept true?Here’s a publication created in kid-friendly language that offers you all the answers.Packed filled with well-researched, trusted, as well as mind-blowing examinations of several of the most […]

The Situation for Christianity Response Publication

Rate: ( since – Information) Solution to the most-asked concerns regarding Christian confidence! The Situation for Christianity Response Publication is an excellent publication for both more recent as well as experienced Christians alike. The Q&A layout provides itself in ordering to help followers understand how you can efficiently safeguard their confidence. Perfect for those all […]

The Instance for Poise: A Reporter Checks Out the Proof of Transformed Lives

Cost: ( since – Information) The Instance for a Maker checked out the clinical proof for God;-LRB- ******************) The Instance for Christ checked out the historic proof for Jesus;-LRB- ******************) The Instance for Belief replied to 8 significant arguments concerning Christianity;-LRB- ******************) The Instance for The Actual Jesus shot down the existing obstacles to the […]

The Instance for a Designer

Rate: ( since – Information) Throughout his university years, Lee Strobel ended up being persuaded that God was out-of-date, an idea that tinted his taking place job as an acclaimed reporter at the Chicago Tribune. Scientific research had actually made the suggestion of a Designer unnecessary – approximately Strobel assumed. Today scientific research is directing […]

The Situation for Christ: A Reporter’s Individual Examination of the Proof for Jesus (Situation for … Collection)

Cost: ( since – Information) Exists reputable proof that Jesus of Nazareth actually is the Child of God? Backtracking his very own spiritual trip from atheism to belief, Lee Strobel, previous lawful editor of the Chicago Tribune, cross-examines a loads professionals with doctorates from colleges like Cambridge, Princeton, as well as Brandeis that are identified […]