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The Future of Israel and also the Holy Place Mount

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and also Dr. John Ankerberg talk about the on-going dispute over the holy place install and also the importance of this area to Christians, Jews and also Muslims. source

North Africa and also Syria’s Upcoming Dispute with Israel

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and also Dr. John Ankerberg go over the contemporary countries that were referenced in the Ezekiel 38 revelation. Today’s program concentrates on the occasions taking place in North Africa, Egypt and also Syria. source

The U.S.A.’s Function in the Last Days

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung as well as Dr. John Ankerberg review The U.S.A.’s function in prediction as well as exactly how the nation’s current nuclear arrangement with Iran plays right into future occasions. Have you been to our Short article archive on our internet site? You’ll locate hundreds of short articles composed by John Ankerberg as […]

Turkey’s Essential Duty in the Ezekiel 38 Battle

Dr. John Ankerberg and also Visitor Dr. Jimmy DeYoung check out modern-day Russia, the Center East and also Europe due to the predictions of Ezekiel38 source

Iran’s Future Link with Russia

Visitor Dr. Jimmy DeYoung as well as Dr. John Ankerberg check out Ezekiel 38 as well as the union of countries that this flow educates will certainly come versus the country of Israel. Today’s program concentrates on the country that Dr. Henry Kissinger calls extra unsafe compared to ISIS: Iran. source

The Increase of Russia in the long run Times

Visitor Dr. Jimmy DeYoung as well as Dr. John Ankerberg check out the occasions bordering the return of Jesus, concentrating on the surge of Russia throughout the last days. source

The Future Occasions of Globe Prediction

Dr. John Ankerberg and also Dr. Jimmy DeYoung take a look at 5 vital occasions presently occurring worldwide and also exactly how they connect to Scriptures prediction and also the return of Jesus Christ. source

Scriptural Marital Relationship Traditions Pertaining To Finish Times

Dr. Renald Showers shows that if we recognize Jewish marital relationship custom-mades from Jesus’ day as well as the definition of words “receive” in John 14, we will certainly understand Jesus was making a connection in between Jewish marital relationship custom-mades as well as His pertaining to obtain His new bride. Today, we will certainly […]

Number 1 danger to Israel today

John Ankerberg Program: Exactly what is the leading danger to the presence of Israel toady? Army and also politicians talk about the hazards. source

Israel’s land mass

John Ankerberg Program: This map offers you a concept of Israel’s land mass as compared with the 22 Arab and also Muslim nations bordering it. source

Risks and also assaults on Israel

John Ankerberg Program: Israeli leaders clarify just what type of hazards and also assaults Irael is experiencing from its next-door neighbors. source

Israelis encountering assaults

John Ankerberg Program: Just how would certainly you really feel if a nearby state below in The U.S.A. was shooting rockets right into your state? Figure out exactly how the Israelis really feel. source