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UFO Update – PPS Report March 7th, 2017

UFO Update 3-7-17. Strange lights in the sky! L. A. Discusses The Coming Great Deception! source

God Will Fulfill Bible Prophecy

Full show here: Jan Markell talks with two of her fall conference 2015 speakers, Pastor Jack Hibbs and Amir Tsarfati from Israel. Jack and Amir talk about how lawlessness is permeating our world. Their conversation concludes that God will take control of this world and fulfill Bible prophecy. source

This Corruption Must Put On Incorruption – Jack Hibbs, Jan Markell #Rapture Hawaii is granted permission to upload videos by Jan Markell If You Miss The Rapture, Do Not Take The Mark! Letter to Those Left Behind After The Rapture of The Church – Are You Saved? Subscribe to our Youtube channel @ Subscribe to our backup channel @ […]

Bible Prophecy Update – July 22nd, 2018 – Putin and Trump Meeting on Syria

Pastor J.D. talks about significance of the Trump-Putin meeting. — Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit Donate source

Breaking “Plague Black Death” In Fleas In Arizona

Apocalyptic signs of the end times also Help Us Spread the Word also also source

The Lost Symbol — What Dan Brown and the Freemasons Hope You Never Learn (part 4 of 6)

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT IS COMING? If you have read Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed, by Dr. Thomas R. Horn, then by now you have learned an important secret concerning the capital city of the United States. According to the world’s foremost authorities, […]

Gary Stearman and Billy Crone: The Salvation of the Gospel

Home source

Spyglass Conference 2018 – Oct 25-27, 2018

For more information visit: Hear outstanding Christian authorities speak about what’s really happening in the world — what you won’t hear from the popular media. Our conference convenes to inform, encourage, and support you as you follow Christ Jesus. Join us so you can be an informed believer, equipped to make good decisions for […]

Cris Putnam Tribute – PPS Report

Cris Putnam passed away last week. He was a brilliant researcher. Richard Shaw and I interviewed Cris for Watchers 7. Here’s a clip that shows just how knowledgable be was. Rest in peace Cris you are already missed… source

Israel–God’s Witness to the World – Part 1 // Isaiah 42:19-43:7

Isaiah’s calling as a prophet was primarily to the nation of Judah and to the city of Jerusalem, He urged the people to repent from their sins and to return to God. He also foretold the coming of the Messiah and the salvation of the Lord and the End of days events… WNV692 – Isaiah: […]

Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame? – Pastor Billy Crone

For more Olive Tree Ministries Resources click here: Jan Markell talks to Pastor Billy Crone for the hour. We carry his new book, “UFOs, the Great Last Days’ Deception” found at Ufology is a new religion today with more people believing in aliens than in God. Will this be the convenient excuse for […]

Bible Prophecy Update – July 15th, 2018

Pastor J.D. talks about a great earthquake in Israel at the time of Ezekiel 38’s fulfillment. — Those wishing to give to Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, please visit source