UFO Update! The Security Guard Chronicles – Al’s upgrade.

Al Matthews begins the document with a UFO upgrade. Al shows up throughout the movie, The Security guard Chronicles – In Their Very own Words.


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  1. I believe in them. I seen 3 stars come from 3 different directions. They stop to make a triangle. For maybe 1 min Then they left in the all different directions . Every since then which was 53 years ago I've watch and felt that something is out there different then what we are . And also I knew and know it's not good.

  2. The mark of the beast; I have some thoughts about this as have many others. I believe that because satan copies Christ, and Christ showed his marks to Tomas the beast will show his marks too. And his mark will be permanent; not removable like a chip. Rather, a brand which is a scar and probably crosses out the cross of Jesus in some way. Please tell me what you think?

  3. Can't get over the euphoria. I've never heard this til now. I still have body memories of it. It's generational in my family. Gramma was a witch and pedo and dad was a pedo and mom was taken by demons too.

  4. LA, i have a question… what's the purpose of the alien bases on the moon and does the Bible say anything about it? (So are the bases in mars and other planets…)

  5. So happy to know this man is saved. Wow! I didn't know anyone else felt euphoric. I use to think I could fly on a forcefield which made me feel high. I'm high on Christ now.

  6. These beings from another dimension are able to manipulate what people see, feel, and smell. I don't know if they are doing it within the brain or the spirit of the person. You will see people who have near death experiences who have never believed in God before the experience having totally unscriptural experiences. Some meet strange beings during the event and are told things that have nothing to do with truth by the entities that they meet, however, they do see these "heavenly" scenery and can smell and touch things. They come back to life having no fear of death. They are totally deceived by these beings. It is every bit as deceptive as these UFO encounters.
    Isn't it the book of Enoch that says that the spirits of the offspring of the fallen beings are to wander the earth until judgement day? These creatures existed on the earth for at least 500 year and maybe more. That means that there are an awful lot of evil spirit beings with various kinds of abilities hanging around with nothing to do but torment humanity. Satan and his gang hang out in the second heaven and have dominion over the spirits of fallen humanity. They easily deceive the spirit of a human being who is on the verge of dearth.
    I have no idea why these beings are abducting people but they have been doing it for a very long time. These beings are ancient. They knew how to manipulate genes and cross species four thousand years ago! It seems to me that if they are trying to create a human like entity that they would have done it by now. So far all we know about are things that are not much like humans.

  7. I've never seen a UFO and I do not believe in E.T.'s. I believe that these are demonic entities. I remember one time, many years ago, I was in my home and walking past my hallway, I saw a creature that looked like 'the greys'. It was about 5 feet tall and we simultaneously looked at each other and then it disappeared, as if it had evaporated into thin air. It had a surprised look on it's face, just as I did. It's as if we were meeting by accident, as if we got through to each other when we shouldn't have. Like a chance meeting. We were walking side by side. This was just a brief encounter that lasted no more than 3 seconds. It was like an interdimensional being.

  8. What about the wheels in Ezekiel?  Who walked and talked with Abraham?  They feasted together and Abraham washed his feet right?  Jesus is coming back in the clouds right?  The real question is who is our Creator?  I think we're all trying to figure this out.  I have a lot of questions.


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