Cris Putnam Tribute – PPS Report

Cris Putnam passed away last week. He was a brilliant researcher. Richard Shaw and I interviewed Cris for Watchers 7. Here’s a clip that shows just how knowledgable be was. Rest in peace Cris you are already missed…


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  1. A wonderfull brother hard to accept his passing so let's belive others will take the paton off him and run the rest of the race appreciated his ministry and research into vatagon secrets. And his love for truth and God.

  2. OH NO!!! I was so touched by this man's intelligence and trying so hard to assist the public in knowing about the truth of matters..I'm just devastated by this news….so sad!!

  3. Please give tribute to a guy who donated his time and energy in deceiving people.One must really be lost in this world to think for one momet this is neccessary. Ok I know love thy brother well let me tell you if you worship the devil or do his bidding dont insult me and call me your brother ok.The people who watch and pay these vial men money off of others stupidy aint gettin my sympathy.Dont be fooled folks your watching deception guanrenteed.

  4. I never knew Chris personally but I was very fond of him. He was a brilliant man with a humble spirit. I can honestly say that I will miss Chris Putnam. But I know I will see Chris at the last Trump (Corth 15:52). (Rev 11:15) Praise Yeshua my God and savior.

  5. chris was amazing,how can you explain all these sudden deaths of so many great men including DR Roger Leir,John Mack,Lloyd Pye,Dr.Harrington,the list goes on.It cant be just a coincidence!God Bless those who seek the truth,Chris you will be missed.

  6. Chris was such a gift. It is obvious he dealt with some type of physical/health issue, but never seemed to let it slow him down, or have a bad outlook (which is hard, I have Lupus, Lymes and few other disfunctions and I just shut down I get so exhausted).He was a miracle, and I saw hin in person for the first time at Colorado Prophecy Conference 2014. HE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED! Thank you L.A. for the great video dedicated to Chris!

  7. Does anybody know what happened; it's been two weeks, why did he die so soon? There are all sorts of rumors online but has the family released official information, was he sick? Somebody must know something!!! feel free to inbox me, I'm troubled by this news.

  8. donkosky, I'm unable to respond to your comment! I try to hit Reply, and it doesn't work! So, it had begun in earnest…. BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST, START PRAYING AND INTERCEDING FOR THE WATCHMEN! THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS IN THIS SPIRITUAL BATTLE!
    The RC "church" is obviously involved! They stand to lose the most by C.P.'s books and videos!
    We wrestle not against flesh and blood! So, let's wrestle on our knees, in the Holy Spirit! We need to ignore all these trollers who are planted here to cause division, and take our minds off the seriousness of the hour, and Jesus, our Savior! Thank you for your comment! I appreciate the heads up!

  9. L.A. Do you find it just a bit suspicious, or synchronistic, that the number 18,888 would be linked to the death of Chris Putnam? One does not have to do much research to find that the number 8, and its multiples, 88, 888, heavily factor in to the constructs of time, and how it relates to us being trapped in the timeline of our current reality, and breaking through stargates into a parallel universe. CERN, gateways/portals, parallel universes, ancient stargates…all part and parcel of the work Chris did, and all strongly related to the esoteric 88 code. Chris Putnam, June 15, 1965 – March 1, 2017 (18,888 days)…Rest in peace brother Chris, I'll see you on the other side.

  10. Praying for Cris' family and so jealous because he is where we long to be! I am a musician like Chris and can only imagine the music he is now blessed with. WOW! "I thirst for You, the living God. When can I go and worship in your presence?" Ps. 42:2

  11. Thanks, L.A. Cris Putnam was and is one of the greatest christian thinker of our time, in my opinion. God Bless his loved ones. Blessed Hope, we will all meet again in our home in Gods eternal heaven

  12. LA – thanks for a great tribute. Chris will be sorely missed. He (along with you, Tom Horn, etc…) cover issues that the church ignores or is to afraid to address. Thanks for all you do!

  13. I don't understand why a Christian like L.A. Marzulli would write "Rest in peace Cris". A believer in Christ who has died is immediately ushered into the conscious presence of Jesus which is far better. There is no soul sleep. Rest in peace is really unbelievers' terminology.

  14. I was deeply sadden to hear of Chris passing away. I hope their was no foul play. Please…. keep praying for God's protection on these men and women who are on the front lines revealing our enemies. My condolence to his family and friends. I had just heard of Alberino and his families near death experience!  Pray for the blood of Jesus's covering around all of his children who are out their exposing all of the evil  that is all around us. We are in a constant warfare battle each and every day. Please….do not take this lightly. Stay grounded in the Lord, and fear no evil. Memorize God's word, and apply it to your daily life. God says, " my children perish for lack of knowledge',  Please, do not be one of them. God Bless you all.

  15. What a shock! What makes it more difficult to process is that, for me, online is really the only place to go to have people who are able to speak about his loss. Glad that there is this community where we can remember a man such as Chris.


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