Prophecy News Report is a website maintained by Smyrna Development Partners, LLC, a non-profit located in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. The purpose of Prophecy News Report is to educate Christians and non-Christians about the coming end times when Jesus will return to claim His bride. To accomplish this end, we have chosen to post videos from some well-known authors who specialize in providing education about the end of days. We encourage readers and subscribers to this website to read their Bibles which give a narration about the prophecies we address on this website. Over 30% of the Bible is about prophecy so God thought it was a subject that we should all be familiar with. The videos on this site are meant to supplement the scriptures not replace them. Interpretation of scripture is sometimes difficult and is open to multiple interpretations. We approach scripture from a literal interpretation and many scholars use a different approach. We believe that God meant for the believers to understand scripture and that literal interpretation of His word is the correct approach. Please feel free to recommend any videos that you believe would be helpful to our subscribers to better understand scripture. You can do this by filling out the contact form on our website.

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