11/27/16 Bible Codes Reveal Gog And Magog, Barack The Gog Spirit-UN, Donald Trump -et Prophecy 6th
11/27/16 Bible Codes Reveal Gog And Magog, Barack The Gog Spirit, The Trump -et Prophecy Sixth Trumpet! A hold-up of judgement for Gods individuals but not for the wicked. For the choose sake I have actually provided a bit more time to wake more of my remnant! This still will be a time of great shaking for some. Donald Trump is my aid my grace to the saints! There will be a Terrific Divide a separation of Wheat and chaff prior to a Great Harvest! There will be Watchmen, Prophets and Fishers among you! However beware of the deceivers due to the fact that this is also the time of terrific deception … You will see Wars and famine, Rivers dry up! Keep in mind God has a prepare for us, the day of the Lord is not far off, this generation will not pass without seeing it! The discovery of Gog and Magog War might be a few years off yet or it might begin tomorrow just God understands the real timeline! The Codes did not reveal a year !! It still might be years from now!! It looks like we will see some sort of nuke utilized during this war! However the war might be years away. Remember Barack Obama is not going away he is going to the UN so it hard to put a date on this! The most predominant months I discovered were December, January and February! I do not trust Dates that much! I just revealed what exists say goodbye to or more no less! I’m not a prophet!! I am a Code Finder! ~ Bible codes just reveal what God desires revealed after all he composed them! Remember after the 6th trumpet comes the 7th which is Yahuwah my Son! Be Prepared! Do Not Postpone! Here is a connect to the Perry Stone video Gog Magog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQAPo5fSUgc

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