[110% evidence] Identification of Gog and Magog (Ya’ juj And Ma’ juj) Part- 1 of 6
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Khazar are the Gog and Magog __ who converted to Judaism and christianity in 8th century. Gog and Magog were initially located in the Khazars of Eastern Europe. While a lot of them became European Jews it is certain that a few of them need to likewise have actually become European Christians and that the creating of the mystical European Judeo-Christian alliance.



This photo of Daryal Gorge taken 1872, is a Ruins of an ancient fortress. May be for soldier from where they maintain regular monitoring over as a check point.

the barrier or dam remained in between these 2 mountains as a barricade or obstruction. The barrier constructed from metal that when existed in that Canyon currently been ruined.
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Check out these short articles _____.




check out sheikh imran nazar hosein’s book on __ Gog and Magog.

he has also YouTube channel.

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