Curious about life’s greatest mysteries?
This Swedenborg and Life original series seeks to find answers about this life from the afterlife.
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In this episode, host Curtis Childs from the Swedenborg Foundation and featured guests take ten questions from viewers and provide insights with the help of eighteenth-century scientist and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg’s spiritual writings.

Ten viewer questions featured in this episode:

1. I’m curious as to the views on astrology. Hinduism is quite deep into birth stars/nakshatras. What were Swedenborg’s views on this subject?
2. Is there a difference between astral projection and what Swedenborg experienced in the afterlife?
3. Is it possible to stray so far from God’s love that when we realize our error we can’t get the love back? Or can we have that love (closeness) back that we once had?
4. Are all angels good?
5. If spiritual struggles help us seek God, is there ever a time in life when we no longer have to struggle against evil and can still seek God? Or would that mean we are done here on Earth?
6. Will we have to deal with hellish influences on occasion when we reach heaven, for future spiritual development?
7. What do you think about being too emotional? What about being too loving, that it’s weird in this world?
8. When you die, does everyone know your business from while you were on the earth? Are people shamed into hell?
9. In one of your previous videos, Curtis stated that Swedenborg claimed there were humans from other planets in the spiritual world. Did Jesus die for those humans, too? In other words, was Jesus born and crucified simultaneously on many different planets?
10. How would you respond to someone who says that all Muslims, Buddhists and people from all other religions besides Christians are going to hell?

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10 Questions: Astrology, Astral Projection, and Too Much Love – Swedenborg and Life10 Questions: Astrology, Astral Projection, and Too Much Love – Swedenborg and Life10 Questions: Astrology, Astral Projection, and Too Much Love – Swedenborg and Life10 Questions: Astrology, Astral Projection, and Too Much Love – Swedenborg and Life